Sunday, February 10, 2008

Resource: Hinckley Quote II

Quote from I Believe, Ensign Magazine, August 1992, Gordon B. Hinckley:

"I speak of that service which is given without expectation of monetary reward. Most of the troubles of the world come because of human greed. What a therapeutic and wonderful thing it is for a man or woman to set aside all consideration of personal gain and reach out with strength and energy and purpose to help the unfortunate, to improve the community, to clean up the environment and beautify our surroundings. How much greater would be the suffering of the homeless and the hungry in our own communities without the service of hundreds of volunteers who give of their time and substance to assist them." (Italics added)

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Catriona said...

Wow!!! I thought I heard every talk he gave, though now and again things he said really reverberated--

why didn't *I* hear this???

just wow--

and thank you--