Sunday, February 22, 2009

Commentary: Upcoming Chances to Discuss Earth Stewardship in Sunday School

Important first thought: I don't want to promote any kind of "activism" at church...except of course Christian activism.

With that out of the way, I want to remind everyone of some great opportunities to discuss Earth Stewardship in upcoming Sunday School classes. Lesson 22 The Word of Wisdom "A Principle with a Promise", and lesson 38 "In Mine Own Way" both include some material regarding with Earth Stewardship.

Lesson 22 includes D&C 59:17-20 as source material. This lesson will probably be taught sometime in May.

Lesson 38 includes D&C 104:13-18 as source material. This lesson will probably be taught sometime in October. BTW, The late Elder Maxwell had some interesting words regarding these scriptures.

If you find it appropriate,
and if it fits into the content of your class discussions,
and if it adds to the spirit of your class,
and if it brings glory to God,
then please consider sharing your feelings about Earth Stewardship during one or both of these lessons.

Final thought: Please don't abuse this as a chance to prove a point or advance a political agenda. Nobody likes it when people abuse church meetings for their own purposes.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Ground Hog and a BYU Prof Weigh-in on Climate Change

I have intentionally avoided all climate discussion on this blog. The Gospel has nothing to say about the climate explicitly, and I have chosen to focus on things the Gospel does say. There are so many other reasons to be kind to the Earth. Plus, I think that for many of us, talk of climate change is a real turn-off. Having said all that, I couldn't stay away from this topic forever.

Today is Ground Hog's Day. The Ground Hog saw his shadow, and thus we will have six more weeks of winter, and thus the globe is not warming. OK, I made that last part up. And for the record, I am against asking rodents for advice in scientific matters. I am also against asking politicians for scientific advice. (Politicians and rodents in the same category?) You know who is a good source for all things science? I'll tell you who: scientists. Like this guy who gave a lecture at BYU.