Thursday, May 29, 2008

Resource: Kimball Quote (A retro localvore!)

President Kimball has so many quotes on subjects germane to my blog that it was difficult to choose one for this post. I chose the quote below because it shows that President Kimball was a pioneer in the now popular "localvore" movement! Mormons are way ahead of the times yet again.

Quote from The Stone Cut Without Hands, General Conference 4/76, Spencer W. Kimball:

"We commend to you the garden fever. If every family had a garden and rural families had a cow and chickens, some fruit trees, and a garden, it is amazing how nearly the family could be fed from their own lot."

And many more quotes from President Kimball to come...


green mormon architect said...

Very cool – I hadn’t heard the term 'locavore' before. This year is actually the first year we have done a real garden. We are hoping to actually get some significant food out of it so I’m crossing my fingers. The goal for us is to eat healthier, save some money, and lessen our demand on others.

Th. said...


Is it just me or are we still waiting for the promised sequels?

L-D Sus said...

It isn't just you. We are all still waiting for the promised sequels.

The problem is that my desire to research and blog has diminished now that I have a more fulfilling day job.

Enjoy the wait.