Thursday, October 9, 2008

Resource: Perry Quote

I don't read too much into this quote. But it is post-worthy when an Apostle mentions sustainable energy, if only in passing.

Quote from Let Him Do It with Simplicity, General Conference 10/08, L. Tom Perry:

"We have been hearing a lot about fuel and energy—about their high cost and limited supply, our unsafe and unpredictable dependence on their suppliers, and the need for new and sustainable sources of energy. I leave the discussion of these complicated issues to leaders of government and industry. The fuel I want to discuss is spiritual fuel." (italics added)

He certainly wasn't antagonistic towards sustainable energy. Your thoughts?


Reuben said...

Oh how I wish the LDS church would encourage us to be better environmental stewards.

I don't think such discussions need be left to policy-makers. Specifics can be left to "government and industry," but principles should be developed by churches (among other places).

jeneflower said...

I LOVED the whole "Let Him Do It with Simplicity" message. A talk about simple living wherein he mentions new and sustainable sources of energy?? I almost started to cry.

Listen to these environmental messages he mentions:
1- The importance of the Word of Wisdom- a law of health, which tells us which foods and substances are good for the body (the Word of Wisdom specifically instructs us to eat a natural plant-based diet with meat very sparingly)
2- Wear simple clothes- not extravagant, or too expensive(this is pro-frugality, anti- over consumption)
3- Live within your means (don't buy a big house to compete with your neighbor)
4- Stay out of debt (anti-consumerism)
5- Save your money (a simple living principle)
6- He speaks positively about Thoreau and Walden pond (who spent his time building his own home from recycled scraps, growing a garden, writing and studying the beauties and wonder of nature that surrounded him, including local plants, birds, and animals and who lived simply with out waste).

I was so happy to hear this message in conference.