Friday, April 3, 2009

Resource: FHE Idea, Financial Stewardship

Jenny Whitcomb wrote a nice guest post at the Segullah Blog about a recent Family Home Evening wherein she taught her children about financial stewardship:

"So FHE became a Consumer Awareness 101 group therapy session centered on two visuals: a credit card, and a piggy bank. We shared thoughts, from youngest to oldest, starting with the credit card, and taught each other everything we knew about that little piece of plastic."

"It takes discipline to manage the card, more than it does to make purchases from a piggy bank. The key? Embrace the principle of work and save in order to consume. Not that owning a credit card or desire equals entitlement, but understand that the credit behind our credit cards is actually cash. To have the money in our pockets before we spend it is a worthy guideline."


Crystal said...


I am feeling the need to be stretched in my thinking and studying, which you always do with your posts. Not to put any pressure on,but I am glad this is a one way relationship where you do all the work and I just benefit from it. :)

Threads of Light said...

Hey there, I like what I've read of your blog, but sad to say I can't keep on reading because the contrast of bright type on a black background is too hard for my eyes to cope with. Keep up the good work, thanks for sharing these great thoughts.