Monday, January 28, 2008

Resource: Hinckley Quote

I also want to reverence the beloved Prophet and man of God, Gordon B. Hinckley. Thank you for a life of Christian service, love, and teaching.

Quote from Rise to a Larger Vision of the Work, General Conference 4/90, Gordon B. Hinckley.

"I deplore waste. I deplore extravagance. I value thrift."


Mellifera said...

I'm gonna miss that guy. He sure was a good influence. : )

Thanks for the link.

catchilupi said...

Great blog! I was raised on the idea that man was to "subdue the earth", meaining man could do what he saw fit with it for the betterment of man. I believe in the veracity of the commandment though my understanding of it is changing.

Man has done an amazing job of increasing the population, utilizing nature's resources, maximizing the Earth's production. In this sense, Man is
subdueing the earth with a vengeance that sounds biblical.

On the other hand, the Earth has an amazing ability to sustain itself. When nature becomes unbalanced, the earth has a way of fighting back. When a predator population over-consumes it's prey, the predator population declines through starvation. There is some evidence that the same may happen at the environmental level.

Man could have subdued the earth to extinction through hunting, but Man learned to sustainably farm and till the earth. I submit that we could pollute the earth to extinction as well unless we learn to use the Earth's resources in a sustainable.

Each sustainable advent brough the further ability to sustain more of God's children on the Earth at one time. The pattern suggests, a ceiling on how many people can live on the earth will persist until we raise the population ceiling again through sustainability.

Just as God is God because of His mastery of and ability to live in harmony with the natural laws of the universe; His commandment to "Subdue the Earth" may have had an implicit "learn to live in harmony" commandment as well, lest Mankind be subdued instead.