Friday, January 25, 2008

Resource: Mormon Enviro-Bloggers

A couple of other "green" LDS blogs popped up just before I started Latter-Day Sustainability:

GREEN MORMON ARCHITECT. The name says it all. Lots of great information on buildings, church buildings, and green buildings. Also, check out GMA's extensive list LDS-Environmental themed articles, books, and web articles.

An excerpt from a GMA post:

"The LDS Conference Center may be, in a show-me-not-tell-me kind of way, the best statement received to date on the current Church position towards sustainability. When it comes down to the most sacred of Mormon spaces, Temple Square in Salt Lake City, the LDS Church is willing to send a significant statement to the world."

WHERE THERE IS NO VISION, THE PEOPLE PERISH. AKA "Mormons for the environment." This blog covers the medical and agricultural corners of the green-Mormon niche. Fun to read. Can anyone think of a nice three letter acronym for this blog? TPP? MFE?

An excerpt from an MFE post:

"So… what? I have a few simple suggestions for reducing one’s hospital footprint. Happily, they also tend to be wallet-friendly since there’s a relatively direct correlation between Embodied Energy and Bills in the medical world.

-Stay at a nice happy weight.
-Eat right.


Stephen said...

Robert Redford had a great talk he would give based on the Discourses of Brigham Young about caring for the environment. You ought to contact him for a copy.

Mellifera said...

Yessir, Brigham Young sure did have a lot to say to the Saints about conservation. Of course the glory of Brigham Young is he was so opinionated and so long-lived that you can find a quote by him that says anything you want. ; )

I had an ecology course at BYU (it was full of pre-med students as it was required for the Zoology major) sprinkled liberally with BY quotes. It was fun to watch the pre-meds go from hating having to take ecology to thinking the environment was the coolest thing ever. I'm pretty sure the fact that good stewardahip starting to look like Brother Brigham's idea rather than Greenpeace's idea lubricated that attitude shift immensely.

birdchaser said...

There are more of us green Saints out there than one might originally suspect...

rob said...

It's true, I met a whole lot of "closet greens" on BYU campus who of course all thought they were the only one.

Catriona said...

I had no idea that such a group of people could exist until a friend of mine with MCS (I have it, too) gave me this link.

I am amazed--

I look forward to reading about this--
My father was one of the only LDS ecologists in the 60s, I think; at least, it seemed that way--
and I married a ranger/tree lover--
we have always felt very alone at church--
it's wonderful to know that we aren't, entirely, crazy, or if we are crazy we aren't crazy alone--


Jamund said...

Hello, I'm Mormon and do an environmentalist blog at: So far I Don't talk about mormonism much, but you know, give me some time and I'm sure I'll get to it. Also I'm going to BYU in the Fall (Masters in Public Policy)/ and would love to meet other like minded folk. E-mail me:!